The 3 Best Free Personal Finance Apps

Hola bellas!  A great way to manage your personal finances is through the use of personal finance apps. There are a lot of options out there but which ones are the best and free?  Here is a summary of our top 3 picks of personal finance apps that will help you manage your money better!


The Mint app by Intuit is a free personal finance app that helps you manage your finances in one place.  You can import your bank accounts, credit cards, bills and more to get a comprehensive view of your money in one dashboard.

Here is an example of the dashboard you will see on your Mint App:

Mint Personal Finance App

Mint Personal Finance App

In addition, you can:

  • Keep track of spending
  • Create budgets
  • View your credit score, for free, as many times as you like
  • Receive reminders about upcoming bills
  • Get a notification when funds are low so that you’re aware


PocketGuard is a free app that helps you see the big picture of your finances.  You can link your credit cards, bank accounts, and investments to see all of your finances in one place.

PocketGuard makes you aware of your spending habits.  It categorizes your transactions as they occur, to help you understand where you spend your money while also discovering areas where you could save. PocketGuard also makes it very clear what money is available to spend after you’ve paid your bills and set aside money for savings.  It also allows you to set spending limits (for the expense categories that you choose) and the app will alert you when you’re going over budget. Lastly, PocketGuard automatically builds a personalized budget for you, based on your bills, income, and goals.

Here is an example of the dashboard you will see on your PocketGuard App:

PocketGuard Personal Finance App


Claritymoney is another free app that also allows you to see all of your finances, in one place.  Like the other personal finance apps we mentioned, you can also link your checking and credit accounts.

Claritymoney helps you track your spending and organize your expenses by breaking down your spending by category.  Also, if there are subscriptions that you’re not using, Claritymoney can help you cancel them.  In addition, if you’re interested in earning interest on your savings, you can open a high-yield Marcus online savings account through the app.  Although Claritymoney promotes automated savings, one of the downsides to the app is that it does not have a budgeting feature.  Click here to use Hispana Bella’s budget template!

Here is an example of the dashboard you will see on your ClarityMoney App:

ClarityMoney Personal Finance App

Overall, you will be ahead of the game if you download and start using any of these personal finance apps! It’s extremely helpful to have control of your finances and these apps can help you do so!

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