Awesome Budget Template

Hola bellas!

The very famous investor and billionaire Warren Buffet is an avid believer that in order to get control of your personal finances and save money you need to setup a budget.

A budget is a detailed look into your income and expenses over a set period of time. It helps you effectively plan and save to take control of your finances.

Download the Hispana Bella budget template, below, that you can use to set your budget:

Hispana Bella Budget (Excel Version)

Hispana Bella Budget (PDF Version)

Make sure to include all your expenses, along with a savings category.

Once your budget is set, give it a try and if for some reason you left something out, or you need more money for x category, adjust your budget, using the budget template.

Remember, if you stick to your budget, it will make your money go further and the things you dreamed of having could become a reality!

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