Learn to Save Money like a Pro

Hola bellas! Can you picture yourself laying out on a white sanded beach with turquoise waters? The sun kissing your skin as you chill while taking in the relaxing sounds of the waves. Let’s make it happen and vamos a la playa (let’s go to the beach).  Let me show you how!


When you have enough money saved, you can go to any beach in the world your heart desires!  Those beautiful Instagram beach pictures can be within arms reach. But first, you’re going to have to start making a few minor money changes that will help get you there in no time! 

Here are some tips that can help you save money:

•Watch your online shopping spending habits and avoid impulse buys (could save over $20-40 per week in savings)

•Skip out on your coffee run once or twice a week (could save $10 per week in savings)

•Cancel any subscriptions that you don’t use regularly (could save $10-$30 per month in savings)

•Dine-in once or twice a week and prepare lunches to take to work (could save $20-$40 per week in savings)

•Use student discounts (if applicable) whenever possible (could save $10-$15 per week in savings)

•Use cash versus credit card, because it’s harder to spend more when you pay with cash. You physically see it leave your hands and makes you aware of how much you’re spending.

While you’re working on saving more money, make sure to keep a close eye on your spending, and be aware of any patterns where you can cut on the spending.  Also, what has worked for me is budgeting and setting a savings goal (for example, I’m going to save $100 per month).  Each time I get paid, I set aside the money in an envelope and keep adding to it every paycheck. If I keep saving $100 per month, that’s going to be $1,200 in a year! If you want to go on that dream vacation sooner, you’ll need to increase your monthly savings to get you there pronto!

For some reason actually seeing my progress, as something tangible, has motivated me to keep going.  In addition, you can write your goal down (for example, Turks & Caicos Caribbean vacation) so that you remember why you’re working hard to save money.  If you make these changes and are consistent, soon enough, you will be on your way to paradise!  Can you almost feel the ocean breeze?!

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